Following recent mega-trends

in the mobile and sharing economy, and thanks to the latest ITS developments, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) schemes are seen as the way citizens will use to move themselves and their goods in the future. The “as a service” wave will allow breaking the borders between the different means of transport, offering customers combined mobility packages as a viable alternative to own mobility and car ownership. Indeed, a MaaS is a mobility distribution model in which customer’s major transportation needs are met thanks to one single integrated service provider combining transportation infrastructures, travel information, payment services and more.
Overall, nowadays MaaS schemes can be seen as disruptive startup initiatives with great potential, but due to the implied challenges of public/private mobility integration, information handling and sharing, service interoperability and scalability requirements, specific actions to accelerate an appropriate and sustainable take off are needed.

The overall objective of the IMOVE

project is to accelerate the deployment and unlock the scalability of MaaS schemes in Europe, ultimately paving the way for a “roaming” service for MaaS users at the European level. To this end, IMOVE will investigate and validate advanced solutions for improving MaaS deployment and operation and their underlying business models. Core ITS elements enabling MaaS development will be delivered, including enhanced real-time collection of data about user needs, habits and preferences and tools for the (controlled) exchange of information and tools to enhance interoperability among different service components and between different MaaS schemes.
IMOVE solutions will be investigated and validated in four European Living Labs - Berlin, Göteborg, Greater Manchester and Turin - all of which are currently engaged in, or having plans for, MaaS development. Roaming services for MaaS users will be also validated at European level.