IMOVE partner UITP releases Policy Brief on MaaS

Last IMOVE Ideathon takes place in Berlin!
April 13, 2019
IMOVE at ITS European Congress
May 31, 2019

Last week, IMOVE partner UITP published a new policy brief on Mobility as a Service (MaaS). The Policy Brief, 'Ready for MaaS? Accelerating easier mobility for citizens and better data for cities' aims at giving authorities precious insights into the opportunities and measures to be taken.

Alongside explaining the concept of MaaS, the brief also speaks about customer expectations, business partner’s needs, business models and regulatory measures to boost MaaS deployment.

You can read the UITP Policy Brief here!

Also at the UITP Summit, which will be held from 9 to 12 June in Stockholm, MaaS will be all over the programme. During the Summit, UITP provides visitors with the full picture of MaaS, from multiple Expo Sessions (in the morning and afternoon of 10 June) sharing some of the sector’s latest and greatest solutions, a Congress session on collaboration between business stakeholders for the successful implementation of MaaS, and another Congress session on MaaS schemes in the region where it all began: Scandinavia.

You can find the full programme of the summit here.