IMOVE session great success at SCEWC 2018

Madrid has been chosen as new IMOVE Living Lab
November 14, 2018
IMOVE travelled to Gothenburg for the second Ideathon!
November 28, 2018

On Wednesday 14 November, IMOVE co-hosted the session "The path towards a succesful MaaS", together with UITP, at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. Held in the Fira de Barcelona, SCEWC is one of the biggest 'smart city' events in the world.

In the session, IMOVE partners and others discussed key aspects for a successful MaaS ecosystem. The following participants took part in the session:

Moderator: Lidia Sala, Mosaic Factor


• Guido Di Pasquale, UITP
• Stefano Persi, Mosaic Factor
• Sergio Balaguer, EMT Madrid
• Emiliano Saurin, URBI
• Felip Gomez, XMOBA
• Alexandre Vintro Casas, XMOBA

All companies spoke about the MaaS applications and services they are offering in their regions, alongside the opportunities and challenges that they are facing. It was the main issue during the session: most of the MaaS initiatives piloted across Europe have problems reaching a significant scale and stable business operations - why, and how do we overcome this?

Various themes were brought to the table during the session. Heard from all companies was the fact that cooperation between public authorities and private companies is essential to establish an efficient MaaS system. Also discussed was that it sometimes takes one or two tries before a right MaaS model is reached - to meet the need of the user, MaaS providers have to to adapt their services to the dynamic traveler with all his or hers specific demands.

It is safe to say the IMOVE session was one of the best visited on the Wednesday morning, which only proves that the topic of MaaS is truly the mobility of the future.

IMOVE would like to thank all visitors and speakers for coming!