Third IMOVE Ideathon takes place in Manchester

IMOVE at TRB 2019
January 28, 2019
Last IMOVE Ideathon takes place in Berlin!
April 13, 2019
Last week, we travelled to sunny Manchester for the third IMOVE, Y4PT and TfGM Ideathon!

After Turin and Gothenburg, it was now up to our Living Lab in the UK to host the Ideathon, in which various teams pitched their ideas on MaaS and mobility in general to a dedicated jury. Following the other Ideathons, the teams provided their vision on how our mobility offer can be improved and how they see the future of mobility.

The Manchester Ideathon started on the evening of 22 February with the inauguration of the event, where James Kelly (Head of Cities at Uber UK and consultant at TfgM), Nitish Bakshi (Technical Manager at ATKINS) and of course Alessandra Gorini from Y4PT officially welcomed the participants. The Ideathon participants consisted out of 4 teams (team Fab labs, team Origin, team Nudge and team WingstoWheel). For two full days, the teams challenged each other, listened to each other, and learned from each other.

And now for the winning team…

IMOVE is happy to announce that the WingstoWheel team is the winner of the third IMOVE Ideathon!

Labelled a ‘game-changer’ for mobility, the WingstoWheel project consists of a real-time information platform that aims to enhance intermodal connectivity. The application is specifically aimed towards airport passengers, enabling them to easily plan and make their last miles. To do this, the platform offers options for carpooling or other choices for passengers to reach their final destinations. IMOVE would like to congratulate the winners with their first spot!

We would like to thank all other teams for their great efforts – we hope to see a lot from you in the future!

Finally, a bit shout to all organisers, panel members, and everyone else who made this event such a success!

Do you wish to see an impression of the day? Watch the Manchester after video!

The final IMOVE Ideathon will take place in Berlin from 15 to 17 March. Stay tuned for more news on this!